Friday, September 21, 2007

The Tingkat Food, 5th - 9th Ramadan

A short narrations with drooling photographs. Got no more energy to snap photographs every day b4 break fast. So these what we had from 5th to 9th Ramadan.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rite Pizza - No Disappointment

spicy chicken tuna cheezy

n u wont regret it... i dont really fancy pizza but rite-pizza they are god-send!! so sedapppppp!!!!

Bulan Ramadan 13Sept - 12 Oct 2007

Ive all my meals plan.
Mon-Fri - catered tingkat food
Sat - Mumzy house
Sun - Mum in law's house (nak ckp ex tak baik arr, cos she tak pernah panggil i ex)
Haiizzzz,, m i becoming lazier n lazier?

1st Ramadhan, 13th Sept

Woke up at 430am to reheat food for sahur. Woke the kids up and i was surprised that we talked while eating. Selalunye we ate sahur with our eyes half closed. After sholat subuh, we slept till 630am and by 7am we were in the car otw to school then me to work.

I was having a full bladder otw to work. Thot of stopping somewhere to release it but lazy to take the trouble to exit out fm ecp. While I was driving at West Coast Highway, I thot oklah later West Coast Park, i will stop. But then my impatience got into me. All the way, fm WC, put on the OD gear, and vrrooommm, arrived office in no time seyyy.... But my eyes were looking left n right for the Encik TP. Arrived office and of course I was relieved that I had relieved myself... ahahhhaaa! if u know wat i meant lah.

Bz bz bz the whole morning, got no time to feel hungry or thirsty or worse sleepy. Then hit the afternoon, was a bit tired but no chance to feel sleepy. Good Good!!! Alhamdullilah. Berkat puasa.

Ive the company car for a month, 2.4litre SUV Xtrail. Chosen n test drive by me arrr. but of course not paid by me lerrr. hehee!! otw home thot of going to arab st to buy murtabak. called my tukang makan, abg and adek, but they said dont feel like eating murtabak lahh mama. I think they r too hungry to think arrr.

Arrived home and the tiffin guy sent the food already. Nice food. Alah dah lapar semua sedap. But seriously this guy tiffin food fabulous and sedap gilerrr oiii. His mum in the early 60s did the working n he does the delivering. Kat Melville aje kan, I think around 10 malay families ordered from him. Ok nothing much after buka except for sholat trawih n after that zzzzzzz.

This is wat we ate for buka today.

Beef with potato curry, mee goreng seafood, vege and epok2. Of course iwan cannot buka without his canned fruit. Tak lupa the makanan wajib "kurma". Oh ya, this year kurma special. Got it from Masjid Ba'alwie, alah yg the duta saudi arabia derma kat masjin tu. Memang sedap n lembut. Ok, enjoy seeing the food!

2nd Ramadan, 14th Sept

Another bz day in the office as usual lahhh. But make it a point to take the company shuttle bus to IMM during lunch time today. Alah, orang cher pi mamam, kita yg Mim ni pi cuci mata arrr. I bot one sleeky black shoes at D&C, shoes lagiiii!!! Then went to Giant bot mango juice for buka. Untuk buka time magrib tau.

Fetch the boss fm skool and gv his fren, Khairul, a lift home. Khairul told us that yesterday he buka roti boyan.. Lermakkksss budak ni buat air liur meleler seyy. So we stopped at Restu Tampines see if they sell roti boyan. But disappointed, no hep arrr.

Arrived home and the tiffin food is already here.
Today he delivered macaroni goreng, ayam

rendang, sambal goreng n bubur pulut hitam. Muaiii sey this caterer. Ok feast your eyes.

3rd Ramadan 15th Sept

Practically slept the whole morning and woke up for zuhur then did laundry then nap againnn!!! Wow!!! Kids and me buka at their granny's home today. But tak sempat arr nak take photos cos everyone couldnt dig in when azan magrib came.

4th Ramadan, 16th Sept

Kids wanted to have pizza for breakfast. so yours truly always obliged what the kids craved for. Ordered the tuna pizza and spicy chicken pizza from Rites Pizza. The Best!!!!!!! Those of you who are still ordering from pizzahut, wake up wake up! If u try Rites, u will curse yrself y u never order it earlier.

Ok, droollllllllllllll
Tuna Pizza with melted cheezzeeee Spicy Chicken for Spicy Mama ;)